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Jean-Leon Gerome oil painting art reproduction


Jean-Leon Gerome

(May 11,1824 Vesoul, Fr. - Jan.10,1904 Paris, Fr.) French Oil Painting Artist Biography.

Jean-Leon Gérome, one of France's most famous painters of the late 19th century. He was a pupil of Paul Delaroche and inherited his highly finished academic style. His best-known works are his Oriental scenes, the fruit of several visits to Egypt. They won Gérome great popularity and he had considerable influence as an upholder of academic tradition and enemy of progressive trends in art and he opposed for example, the acceptance by the state of the Gustave Caillebotte bequest of Impressionist oil paintings.

He went to Paris in 1841 and worked under Delaroche whom he accompanied to Italy (1844-1845). On his return, he exhibited The Cock-fight, which gained him a third-class medal in the Paris Salon of 1847, he took a second-class medal in 1848.

In 1854 Jean-Leon Gérome made a journey to Turkey and the shores of the Danube and in 1857 visited Egypt and North Africa painting what he saw in brilliant vivid color. To the exhibition of 1855 he sent a large historical oil canvas, The Age of Augustus and the Birth of Christ, in recognition of its consummate ability, the State purchased it. Gérome's reputation was greatly enhanced at the Salon of 1857 by a collection of works of a more popular kind, the Duel after a Masquerade, Egyptian Recruits crossing the Desert, Camels Watering. Phryne before the Areopagus. Gérome's best oil paintings are of Eastern, Arab and nude women subjects, among these are the Turkish Prisoner, Prayer (1865) and The Slave Market (1867). His paintings of these areas were shown extensively in France, Italy and Germany. He often illustrated history, as in Louis XIV and Moliere (1863). Jean-Leon Gerome was at the center of the movement now known as 'Orientalism', the orientalist artists dedicated their work to the more exotic elements of Eastern culture and life. Before the era of Impressionism it was a most influential force throughout Europe and its presentation of rich colors and exotic subjects affected even some abstract artists of the twentieth century.

As a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, he was entitled to a full military funeral, but he had already requested just a simple service without even flowers. Nevertheless there was a large attendance at a Requiem Mass held in his memory which included the President of the Senate, the Director of Fine Arts, the former President of the France, the mayor of Vesoul and many artists and writers, he had been a very popular figure and good friend to many. He was buried in the Montmartre Cemetery in front of the statue of Sorrow he had cast in memory of his son.

Jean-Leon Gérome, The Cock-fight

Jean-Leon Gérome, Duel after a Masquerade

Jean-Leon Gérome, The Slave Market

Jean-Leon Gérome, Phryne before the Areopagus Jean-Leon Gérome, Turkish Prisoner
Jean-Leon Gérome biography

The Cock-fight

Duel after a Masquerade

The Slave Market Phryne before the Areopagus Turkish Prisoner

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